The Woman Behind 'The Nutcracker'

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A Dedicated Life to Our Children

There is no words one can find to truly express the appreciation for Cristina Sterling Munro's dedication to the youth of Corpus Christi. I have known Ms. Munro for about 20 years and I remember a hardworking dance director running down the aisles of Selena Auditorium to get on stage to correct choreography of a performance. You truly did not know where to expect Cristina to be. One moment she was at the microphone in the middle of the auditorium or standing in the wings. But with the bat of an eye she was somewhere else studying the work of her dancers. Always correcting. Always making sure the dancers understood and felt the art of the performance. This is true dedication. Understanding and feeling the art of dance is not learned without dedication of the dancer. This is what Cristina Munro required of her dancers. This is what she required of herself in every class taught and every performance. She wanted her dancers to not merely dance, but to understand and feel the passion for the art.

Rena B. Garcia more than 2 years ago

Mrs. Munro is a living Corpus Christi Treasure!!

Mrs. Munro is a CC treasure. Our community was so fortunate that she chose us to establish her home here. She is well respected in the ballet community nationwide. In her many decades at Munro Ballet, she converted tiny awkward little ducklings into beautiful, disciplined and confident prancing swans. That discipline usually translated academic success as well. I hope she realizes how well she is respected and how important her influence was in lives of her students. We all love you Cristina.

Joel B. Wilman M.D. more than 2 years ago


Yes, it is at the Selena auditorium.

Elle Jackson more than 2 years ago


Is this at the Selena Auditorium?

Carrie more than 2 years ago



Sue more than 2 years ago

Is this at the Selena Auditorium

Yes it is!!

Gigi more than 2 years ago


Yes, it is!

Meredith more than 2 years ago


Yes Selena Auditorium

Matthew more than 2 years ago

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