Looking Back With Bart Shirley

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Corpus Christi's gift to State and Nation

Many thanks to Andy Purvis for highlighting one of our city's great contributions to our Texas and the United States. Bart Shirley is an excellent example of the wonderful gifts that come from Corpus Christi. We celebrate you sir and thank Mr. Purvis for helping our community know you better!

Michael D. more than 2 years ago


Thank You Michael

Andy Purvis more than 2 years ago


Thanks for printing this story online for your readers. A fine man who lives among us here in Corpus Christi.

Andy Purvis more than 2 years ago

Great Stories

Always enjoy these ! Hope you are doing well, Andy!

Derek Chang more than 2 years ago

The True Talent of This Writer

I live across the county in Raleigh, N. C., and have known Mr. Andy Purvis almost 30 years. He has always been an origional. He is authentic, and his rare gift for words have always been his little given gift from God. I have spent many a night laughing to the point of tears at his comic genius. He is bigger than life, and has always had a unique outlook on living, and the importance of respecting his past. "just get him talking about his Dad sometime." The respect he shows to those he holds in high esteem is real. He has always looked to his heros for his inspiration, and he writes his truth just as he would speak it. Andy is an orgional, and with his deep southen roots, his stories give you more than just the facts. They also give you a sense of place and a deeper understand of his subject. Andy loves sports, he loves his country, and he is a born entertainer. If you ever need a speaker to attend your meetings, Andy Purvis should be your go to man. Maybe he shoud run for Mayor.... He pours his heart out in his writings, and his truth resonates with every word. Give Andy a call, and get to know him. You will never meet a finer gentlenman, and if you worry that the kids of this world are going astray, bring Andy in for a pep talk, and have him mentor their desires. He is real, and as I have said, "bigger than life in everyway." I am proud to call him friend.

George R. McNeill Raleigh, N. C.

George R. McNeill more than 2 years ago


George you are a true friend.

Andy Purvis more than 2 years ago


Andy, God blessed you with an interesting life and a wonderful wife!

Love Karenkoutsoumbaris more than 2 years ago


Thank You Karen for the kind words.

Andy Purvis more than 2 years ago

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